American Trades Contracting

Contracting Trades in the Americas!!!

ATC Provides

  • Skilled labor As Needed
  • Expert Labor Consulting

Outstanding Results

  • Reduce Overtime Costs
  • Eliminate Holdover Costs
  • Reduce Work Comp Claims
  • Reduce HR Cost
  • Deadlines Met
  • Productivity Increased
  • Profitability Increased
  • Jobs Completed Under Budget
  • Eliminate Hiring Costs

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ATC Safety


American Trades Contracting makes the Safety of our Employees and Clients Employees our #1 Priority. ATC promotes a Safe Working Environment by Constant Communication with our clients on jobsites, Employee OSHA Training, Jobsite Safety evaluations and Companywide Safety awareness. The use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is mandatory policy for our employees in the field, PPE must be worn on the job at all times.

ATC also teams with our Clients and our Associations to promote further Safety Awareness and Compliance through multiple jobsite safety campaigns and programs.

For more information regarding our Safety Training or questions regarding safety, please contact the local ATC office.