American Trades Contracting

Contracting Trades in the Americas!!!

ATC Provides

  • Skilled labor As Needed
  • Expert Labor Consulting

Outstanding Results

  • Reduce Overtime Costs
  • Eliminate Holdover Costs
  • Reduce Work Comp Claims
  • Reduce HR Cost
  • Deadlines Met
  • Productivity Increased
  • Profitability Increased
  • Jobs Completed Under Budget
  • Eliminate Hiring Costs

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American Trades Contracting

American Trades Contracting establishes valuable relationships with our clients, becoming an extension of our clients’ Trusted Professional Team through our commitment to their success. ATC provides Expert Labor and Industry Consulting to our clients, offering many solutions to our clients’ business needs. Through the utilization of ATC’s resources, our clients attain a reliable, productive and Flexible Workforce which provides our clients with a never before realized control over their labor and hiring costs.

American Trades provides the skilled worker you need on the job with the skills, knowledge and dedication you require, right on time. Our Consultants always plan ahead for our clients, giving us the ability to provide solutions to our clients labor needs on an as needed basis.

American Trades is one phone call away from providing your skilled employees to get your job done, on time and under budget. Put our 10 years of proven experience to work for you.

tryptych of laborers - master electrician, welder, big iron crew and crane